Happy Birthday America





Wishing all Americans a Happy Independence Day on this 4th July.

Sadly, it seems that America’s detractors both within the country and outside are increasing in both number and volume. Some criticism may be deserved, some may be justifiable criticism of your elected leaders. That is for the American electorate to rectify at the next election.

As a non-American living in Canada I am appalled to find that it is politically correct here to be anti-American to some degree. If it was not for the might of the USA on our Southern border, we could well have become a Russian province during the cold war era.

My concern is not that the USA is too strong, too powerful a presence on the world stage. Quite the opposite, I fear that America is being too “nice” to some of the bad countries and groups intent on destroying Western society as we know it.

It is a sad day when 3rd world countries like Ecuador and the remnants of former major powers like modern Russia, can be as insolent as they are over the Snowden affair without fear of repercussions. Is this similar to the Iran Hostage debacle under President Carter waiting for a modern-day successor to President Reagan to fix?

America has much to celebrate, millions of non-Americans have much to be grateful for, from freedom to food the world would be a much harsher place without America.

Happy Birthday America.





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