Archive for January 30, 2013

Welcome to my new site


Thank you for visiting. This is my new site, it will be positioned between my blog and my business site. But at the moment is still very much a work in progress.

For years I have wanted to create a website with a domain name that is just my name. One of the penalties of having a common name like mine is that all the best domains were taken years ago. Combinations of my name with and without my second name of John, using initials or a mix of both with a .com or .net suffix were already registered. This was the best I could get so I grabbed it about 4 years ago and have been sitting on it. Now it’s time to use it.

The links above will take you to my main blog, a page about my history on that blog and the solutions a business and life alchemist can help you discover on my Focused Prosperity business site.

These links will be replaced by new content as it is created.