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The hypocritical hysteria continues

Mandela died last week.

World leaders are falling over themselves to be seen and heard, to fawn over his supposed saintliness.

None that I have noticed have had the honesty to expose him for what he was, leader of a terrorist group responsible for the brutal murders of thousands of mainly black South Africans.

Their presence at his funeral is an insult to every victim of terrorism and their families. It is an insult to those of us who defended our countries from the terrorism he and his ally Mugabe in Zimbabwe were perpetrating.

Above all it is an insult to the hundreds of thousands who have been forced to leave their homeland by the deteriorating economic and security situation unfolding as a direct result of the ANC’s policies.

South Africa following Zimbabwe down the same slippery slope of destruction.

Why are so many supposedly astute leaders from the political world continuing with this disgraceful charade?

Will they treat Castro the same way when he goes? Will there be the same anguish and protestations of greatness?

Is it guilt about how the indigenous peoples of North America and Australia were treated, in many ways far worse than in Southern Africa.

Why do so many otherwise sensible people make excuses for atrocious behavior by African leaders, but call for sanctions, enquiries, human rights trials against European, Asian and conservative South American leaders.

Compare the treatment of Mandela, with that of Pinochet of Chile or the recent condemnation of Sri Lanka during the recent commonwealth conference.

Seems that if you are a suitable candidate for socialist sainthood, you can get away with murder. If you are two millimeters right of centre, you are guilty the moment you take office, no matter how well you lead your country.

Or is it just to appease the third world and canvass votes from the liberal left at election time.

It is understandable that the liberals in academia and politics who promoted the Mandela myth would be lamenting his passing. But for supposedly competent and conscientious leaders of major democracies, including the USA who previously declared the ANC a terrorist organization, it defies logic.

Irrespective of whatever one thinks about Mandela, facts are facts, he was convicted of terrorism, not opposing a government.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Never have so many been fooled by so few.