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Trust In Government – The Real Casualty Of The Virus Panic

Trust in Government? Half the world’s population – estimated at 3.5 billion people- have been coerced into voluntary house arrest. Economies are being devastated and lives affected more than at any time since WWII.

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All due to the carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign instituted by the WHO and adopted without question by leaders and populations who should be intelligent enough to know better. Half the world’s population cowed into submission without a shot being fired. Hitler’s propaganda team would be green with envy if they were alive today.

The plot to destroy individual rights has even seduced the churches, most climbed on board with indecent haste to prevent worshippers congregating. The first time in my memory that churches have aided governments in oppressing people. Churches and religious leaders are usually to be found as the instigators of resistance to the slightest real or perceived hint of government heavy-handedness.

On 8 April 2020, I sent the following email to the four contenders for the leadership of the Canadian Federal Conservative party and my local Federal and Provincial members of Parliament.

As of today 22 April, I have had two automated acknowledgements that my email was received, no replies.

So much for trust in government.

The Email

I have been doing my own independent research into the true situation with the coronavirus.

The facts are:

Mortality rates are wildly exaggerated with many deaths from other causes recorded as from the virus.

It is unlikely to cause as many deaths as those from the annual winter flu season.

Total number of deaths from all causes in most of Europe and even some Italian cities are below average for the first quarter.

Hospitals in the USA are not overwhelmed by sick people but by people driven to panic by irresponsible media reports. 

The suffering and misery that will follow the overreaction to this virus will be felt for generations.

Some highly qualified doctors and infectious disease specialists believe that “social distancing,” by delaying the onset of herd immunity will prolong the epidemic, increase the number of deaths – especially among the elderly – and increase the prospect and the severity of a second wave of the virus next fall.

I agree that it is necessary to protect vulnerable people, the elderly and those with health complications. at age 69 and a heart attack survivor, I am in that category myself.

However, I am appalled that the Conservative Party is complicit in the greatest propaganda campaign since WWII and working with the Liberals to destroy the economy, bankrupt small businesses, prevent farmers from producing food and condemn millions to a precarious financial future.

That this campaign should ignore the rights of individuals, encourage citizens to snitch on their neighbours and allow the police to harass innocent people is unbelievable in a democracy. 

Some stores are now refusing to accept cash – surely refusing to accept our nation’s legal tender is an act of treason.

Is it any surprise that a rapidly increasing number of people are suspecting a conspiracy to install an authoritarian world government and remove the last traces of freedom? If this continues, I believe there is a real danger of resistance from distrusting populations and anarchy in many parts of the world.

If outside elements had caused as much harm to Canada as the Federal and Provincial governments have in the last 3 weeks, it would be considered an act of terrorism.

It’s time to get Canadians back to work and back to living without fear.

Just one source which quotes a Canadian doctor:

Dr. Joel Kettner [], professor of Community Health Science at Manitoba University and Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases declared recently:

I have never seen anything like this… I am not talking about the pandemic, because I have seen 30 of them, one every year… But I have never seen this reaction, and I am trying to understand why…

There are more relevant articles on that and other sites, sadly ignored by the mainstream media. 

I survived 3 years of intimidation in Zimbabwe during Mugabe’s farm seizures, eventually losing my farm and all my assets after being illegally imprisoned to prevent me from returning to my farm. I am very grateful to have been accepted by Canada in 2004 and am now a proud citizen and Conservative voter. However, I hope that I have not exchanged one authoritarian regime for another. 

If you want my vote as leader of the party, it’s time you took a stand for Canadians not the UN, and WHO.

Trust our own thoughts

That was two weeks ago. The madness continues.

There is hope. Every day the opposition to this erosion of citizens’ rights increases. Visits to alternate media that question the official facts and provide data from doctors and unbiased medical experts are growing in number.

People are starting to think for themselves, ask questions and realise that something is not right with the stories we are being fed. Street protests in many cities are visible signs of this lack of trust.

Sadly, trust in the authorities is becoming so low that I fear frustrated, hungry and broke people could resist the forced oppression violently. I hope that our leaders wake up and get our societies back to a semblance of normality before then.

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