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Shutdown Fatigue And Oppressive Dictators

Shutdown fatigue and opposition to the erosion of liberty seems to be gaining momentum in sync with increasing temperatures and longer days. (In the Northern Hemisphere) I wrote more about the shutdown in this post.

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I notice more cars on the road, more irritation and complaints about standing 6′ apart in long lines under the blazing sun while waiting to get into banks and shops.

It seems ludicrous that my bank closed one of its two branches in our little city, reduced opening hours and allowed its telephone service to degenerate to levels of inefficiency I remember from Zimbabwe. All the while blaming it on “keeping you safe.”

The tide seems to be turning in social media too. More people now seeing through the propaganda, overcoming their fear and speaking out.

It’s all very well to complain to a fellow frustrated shopper across a 6′ safety zone in a queue or rant on social media, but it takes more than that to end the shutdown and get our country back to work.

I have been emailing MPs, writing on this and other platforms, speaking out wherever and whenever I can. I have upset many people. Probably lost some friends and followers on social media. I believe we should have the courage of our convictions and do something.

Politicians hate admitting they were wrong. They will risk more damage to the economy, rack up billions of dollars more debt and condemn millions to harsh lives of misery before reversing course and acknowledging they screwed up. If we are benevolent, we could say that our leaders were misled by flawed computer models and incompetent health experts.

That excuse wore out within the first two weeks of the shutdown.

Yesterday, I received an email from Rebel News with a report of a restaurant owner being fined and threatened with a further massive fine and imprisonment for opening his restaurant even though the lifting of some shutdown restrictions permitted him to do so. The email is at the end of this post.

That is appalling. The hypocrisy of allowing liquor and beer stores to operate but not restaurants and churches is unbelievable.

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It motivated me to send the following email to my provincial and federal members of parliament and the four contenders for the leadership of the federal Conservative party.

I am awaiting responses – but I am not holding my breath as it could be a long wait.

Ever since I turned 18 and in every country that I have lived in, including Canada since becoming a citizen in 2008, I have voted Conservative.

Despite my greatest respect for you and our Federal MP Dave McKenzie, I am appalled that Doug Ford behaves more like a dictator every day.

The gross overreaction to the coronavirus panic. The deliberate destruction of our economy, the denial of essential health services to thousands of non-coronavirus patients and the condemnation of thousands more to unemployment, bankruptcy and years of misery is unforgivable. In my living memory, I cannot recall churches being ordered to close – and being so cowed that they complied. Even in the London Blitz in WWII, those churches still standing did provide spiritual comfort in times of difficulty.

And all for a virus that kills less than 1% of those it infects. A virus with a mortality rate ranging from lower than a “regular” flu season to similar to a more serious one. The major difference the spring timing as opposed to the winter.

I believe our provincial and Federal leadership are guilty of serious abuse of power. If I was kind I would add incompetence, but I am more inclined to call it economic sabotage.

I was grateful to have been offered a new start in Canada after losing my farm, my income, all my assets and very nearly, my life in Zimbabwe because of that country’s government’s authoritarian and illegal actions.
It seems I have exchanged oppression in one country for the same in another.

Many states in the USA have scaled back most of the restrictions on business activity and are still seeing reduced infection and mortality rates. Others are remaining static with only very few seeing marginal increases. Most of those that have relaxed restrictions are seeing lower rates than some that have not. 

Trudeau and Ford’s actions would be understandable in Hitler’s Germany, North Korea or Zimbabwe. They have no place in a supposedly free and fair democracy like Canada.

If this story about a restaurant owner being fined and threatened is true then it is yet one more sign that Doug Ford has no regard for the rights of the majority of Ontarians who are trying to survive. Unless the provincial party leadership exerts some pressure to get our province back to normal as soon as possible, I cannot in principle vote for the Provincial Conservatives again. 

Similarly, unless I see some real attempt by the Federal party leadership contenders to show some leadership and oppose the Liberal’s draconian oppression, I see little point in wasting time voting for any of them.

There is something seriously wrong in this province and this country.

Here is the email from Rebel News that prompted my email to the MPs.

After months of keeping his restaurant closed to comply with Ontario’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, and facing imminent bankruptcy, Jason Lake decided to reopen his Minden 50’s Diner for sit-down service.

You won’t believe what this simple act of defiance led to. :

Despite taking the necessary precautions to make sure his guests were adhering to social distancing rules inside the restaurant, Jason was still slapped with a $880 fine and threatened with a $500,000 fine and jail time if he dared to do it again!

While violent criminals are hardworking entrepreneurs are being treated like second class citizens!

And to add more salt to the wound, Doug Ford just extended the lockdown for another month!

Is this what Ford meant by “open for business”? Give me a break!

Yours Truly,

David Menzies


Although we’re not fighting this case, you can support our campaign and follow the dozens of other cases we’re working on at 

Thanks to your support and our superb criminal lawyer, Sam Goldstein, we’re fighting these political brutes to put a stop to their heavy-handed intimidation tactics. If you or anyone you know has been treated unfairly by bylaw officers because of the lockdown, you can submit your case at , and we’ll get you the justice you

It’s time to speak out and get our leaders to stop this insane destruction of our country.

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