Mandela – Mass Murderer Transformed into Saint by Media.











Much of the world is concerned about Nelson Mandela’s health as the 94-year-old spends a fourth day in hospital.

This concern is the net result of one of the greatest propaganda successes ever foisted on a gullible public in the West by the left-wing media.

To any thinking person with even the most poorly developed powers of discernment, the falsity of the Mandela myth should be immediately apparent.

Lets look at the facts:

Mandela was imprisoned for conspiring and supporting acts of terrorism, mainly the blowing up of infrastructure (power lines) plotting to place bombs in public places (railway stations etc.) and stockpiling explosives and weapons to carry out terrorist attacks.

He was not imprisoned for opposing the South African Government.

Had he been convicted of the same crimes in the USA, he would almost certainly have received the death sentence, in Canada or Europe, a life sentence in prison where he would probably have died years ago.

Approximately double the number of violent deaths have occurred in the 13 years since 1994 when Mandela was released from prison as occurred in the 46 years under White rule from 1948. Source   (warning article contains gruesome images of necklace victims)

As many as an estimated 5000 of those deaths were murders committed by Mandela’s ANC on Black South Africans of the Zulu people by the “necklace” method. A gasoline soaked tyre set on fire around a victim’s neck while he or she was alive.

Mandela’s wife at the time, the murderous Winnie, proudly shook her box of matches on national TV proclaiming “If we cannot win with the ballot box, we will win with the matchbox”

Add to those around 1000 White farmers murdered each year, many politically motivated in a strategy to drive farmers off their lands, impoverish farm workers and intimidate rural voters.

Despite the European settlers of North America and Australia having decimated their indigenous populations by introducing western diseases, alcohol, guns, residential schools and then swamping them with massive waves of immigration, liberals in those countries had the audacity to condemn South Africa and support the communist inspired and armed terrorists actively trying to take over the country.

If White South Africans were so bad, why has the indigenous population in that country increased over 30 times since the arrival of the first European? Yet in North America, it’s size has not increased and possibly decreased after being “settled”. In Australia a similar situation.

Well meaning but naive liberals shout about apartheid without any idea of what the real situation in Southern Africa was. How could you deny people the vote on grounds of colour they ask self-righteously.

Firstly there were aspects of the South African system that, with the benefit of hindsight, were wrong and can now be recognised as such. Just as here in North America, condemnation of slavery is universal, no thinking person can understand why, a hundred years ago, women were denied the vote and child abuse is now seen as the evil it is. All those awful practices were considered normal by a large part of the population in previous generations.

There were other aspects that were ridiculous and were slowly being eroded by common sense, education and pure demographics.

The key issue though is that in North America and Australia, the massive waves of European immigration in the 18th to early 20th centuries quickly reduced the indigenous people to powerless minorities.

In Canada today, for example, a recent report indicated that the indigenous population stands at 1.4 million, 4.3% of the total. () When a segment of the population is that small, it would not matter if it had 2 votes for every man woman and child, it could not materially affect the course of history.

In pre 1994 South Africa, a population of around 4 million Whites, 2 million Indian and Asian and perhaps another 1 to 1.5 million Black people with equivalent incomes supported a total population of 40 million.

With the best will in the world, it is not possible for such a small economic base to finance equal education, health and housing services for a large unproductive sector.

That is why Black schools were not all as good as White or Asian, why government hospitals for the masses were inferior to private ones for those with sufficient income to pay for their services. Why Black people migrating from rural, tribal areas could not afford Western type housing in the cities and instead created squatter camps.

It is a testament to the resilience of the South African economy and the efforts of its economically active minority that they were able to finance services for the majority of the population at all, even if those services were judged inferior.

It is interesting to note that despite claims that all Canadians have equal access to education and health services, there is ample evidence to indicate that the reality in the tribal areas, is somewhat different.

For those who still believe Mandela is an icon for peace, remember that his ANC terrorists murdered many veterans of the two great wars and their dependants, service men and women who fought and died shoulder to shoulder with Canadians, Americans, Australians and other Allied soldiers.

Politics always trumps loyalty, sadly the South Africans, just like the Rhodesians 2 decades earlier, were sacrificed by their former allies on the altar of appeasement and expediency.

Mandela is a mass murderer, terrorist and war criminal from the same mould as Pol Pot, Idi Amin and many others before them, he has escaped his rightful place before the International Court in The Hague. He is not going to get his just punishment in this world, perhaps he will in the next.



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  2. says:

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  3. Ngijaring Bukgadae says:

    You realize that is why Mandela divorced his wife because she was doing contrary to his beliefs in his peaceful protest despite being jailed for wanting to be treated as a fellow human being rather than as an animal in the apartheid system which was prevalent in South Africa for many years at that time. Peter weight you are a red-neck racist who is telling convenient lies to save face internationally by demonising a man who paid a very high price to be treated equally by invading whites with no manners whatsoever. Yes Canada and Australia and America have atrocious track records as far as human rights abuses against the Original Sovereigns of those countries but to say that South Africa was not racist is laughable. Continue to fool yourself and those equally stupid folks.

    • eccentricus says:

      Your comment is further proof of the intolerance of those on the liberal left. When the facts showing their propaganda to be incorrect cannot be disputed, they resort to personal attacks and insults.

      I am not denying your right to your opinion, I just wonder if you took the time to examine the complete background to Mandela’s conviction and how you would justify his ANC’s brutality to the relatives of the thousands murdered by that organisation?

      • says:

        Lets see 25 years in prison.. Terrorism, bombing innocent people.. Then there is his wife and her love of “necklacing” victims. Really getting sick of ignorant people towing the same old rhetoric. Its not liberal, its not conservative HE IS A MURDERING CRIMINAL Wake the F up.

    • Kiki says:

      Ass hole.

  4. Nas M says:

    The great Apartheid, and I say great because it was great, if continued would have made South Africa a BETTER place. The ANC and all its delegates have only made it worse.
    The black farmers and tribes were happy to receive their piece of land, and the whites theirs’. But when Mr.So-and-so started to preach to the blacks that it was unfair, they believed him instantly, because they knew no better. Education, power and leadership were all duties of Kings, nobelmen, warriors and so forth.
    Its what they teach you in school that’s one-sided and a simple act of propaganda. Why, because classification is racism. Hierarchy is racism. Monarchy is racism. But in the end of the day, those were the things that lead to a peaceful, well-organized country. And what does our PRESIDENT do now? spend BILLIONS on parties and his 7 wives…

  5. Gary Wald says:

    Truly a very cruel evil person. May he be the one to wear the last burning tyre that never stops burning as his eternal flame of remberance.
    So many inocent lives wasted at the hands of this sick animal and his equally sick ex wife. Pol Pot and Idi Amin would love him.

  6. says:

    This is why blacks can’t rule. They have no discernment in Christ, but only belief in vane lies based on racism.

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